Lancashire playing Championship cricket at Southport which this year misses out to Sedbergh school.

Last year Action group co-founder  Ian Lomax was invited to attend two cordial meetings at Old Trafford with a Director of the Club (he asked we withhold his name) and subsequently the Action Group put forward a couple of questions which have been ignored despite him being assured in the second meeting that they would be answered. This follows on from last year’s AGM where we submitted a number of members questions in advance as per protocol and despite the Lancashire secretary Lee Morgan promising a reply to each one the Club did not address them properly and indeed one was completely ignored. 

As we reported last year the Club only allowed 6 questions in the Q & A section of the AGM from the floor and the meeting was abruptly curtailed with members arms still in the air. As the Club now no longer allows question on non-playing matters at members forums the AGM this year holds even more importance for beleaguered members to try and have a platform for their issues. With over 8,000 members leaving the Club in less than 20 years you would hope that this year the Club will at least show some courtesy and allow all members who have made the effort to attend the meeting to have their questions addressed. Here are some questions we intend to ask on the night:  

1. The Chairman

 1. Recently the Chairman has stated "Lancashire is a Club for members and cricket and that is one of his key motivations to work closely with members and grow the membership further". Since the Club has lost around 8,500 members since he joined the Board, the team have been relegated yet again and he no longer allows questions on any subject at members forums apart from cricket related ones does he think he should reconsider his position? 

2. Using Sedbergh school for a Championship fixture

 How can the county afford to take a very important fixture outside of the county to Sedbergh in Cumbria?

We are sure it is a very picturesque ground but is our board seriously saying there is not a ground in the county able to stage such a game? There must be a minimum of 250 league grounds, some very historical, why was this decision taken?"

3. Museum

Despite repeated assurances over the last few years that the Club was going to replace Keith Hayhurst's museum that it demolished, the Board has now reversed that decision and instead of building a new museum it states 'there is now discussions with Trafford Council to have a Trafford Museum that could incorporate a Lancashire Cricket section.' After having spent 60 million on the new 'Stadium' can the Board please explain why replacing such an important historical building is so low on its priorities?  

4. Director of cricket

In meetings five years ago Chief Executive Daniel Gidney stated that Paul Allott, was the only member of the Board the Director of Cricket reported to. Given that he was a member of the Board that appointed himself to the position in 2017 and that unusually for this position he has no experience of coaching at any level who else on the Board made that decision, was the position advertised externally and was there anybody else interviewed for this position? 

5. Catering

David Hodgkiss has stated the club catering will never be submitted to competitive tender as long as he is in office. As most other clubs do this regularly and have far better quality and choice of food why has he taken such an uncompromising stand?