Questions for Members forum 16/09/2019

This is potentially the first time in 2 years the Club is allowing questions on facilities etc


As you may know any questions not directly about Lancashire cricket have been banned by the Board over the last 2 years forums.

Question on facilities, ticketing, membership, Sedbergh etc,etc have all been made off limits. 

Well things may be changing. The chairman David Hodgkiss has stated that there will be a presentation made to the forum regarding the much delayed members stand to replace the old red rose building.

So surely if the Chairman can talk about members facilities the Club will then have to field questions for the 1st time in over 2 years on anything Members may want to bring up whether it be upside down pies or the quality of the toilet roll in the ladies lavatory.
So the Action Group have put together some possible questions for Mr Hodgkiss. 

1. Sedbergh


There are various rumours flying around that Sedbergh will be holding at least one County fixture next season. Can you confirm this and if so why are you playing a fixture outside the historic boundaries of Lancashire, against the wishes of the majority of members?

Sedbergh school is a pretty ground but surely with no train station nearby, limited seating (you made the game all ticket this year), very few hotels, poor roads, poor outfield drainage (a minor counties game had all 3 days abandoned in August despite them playing at nearby Kendal) & with a far higher annual rainfall than any other of our outgrounds this is a totally unsuitable venue for 1st class cricket.

Southport have already confirmed that they are not holding a game next year so surely some financial help can be given to themselves & Blackpool if necessary to make sure the Club plays its games in Lancashire. Thousands of pounds were spent last year on transport from Old Trafford to Sedbergh and by ferrying members from the nearest train station. Money presumably that will be spent every time you hold a game in the middle of nowhere

2. Delay in refunds


After the Club changed its mind and reluctantly agreed to refund members for their T20 tickets v Yorkshire why were a large number of members still not given refunds until well after the Clubs own terms and conditions within 28 days. This has caused dismay amongst both members and non members who were also delayed in receiving refunds and has also affected non members for the game that was washed out against Warwickshire a week later.

Most Clubs agree to refund spectators within a shorter timescale to go over the 28 days is a scandal.

3. Members balconies

 The Club rebuilt the ground with very little thought given to members facilities. Surely as is the case at other famous grounds such as Lords & The Oval the balconies above the pavilion should now be open to all members.  

4. Young adult memberships

Next year you have changed young adult membership to only be available to Under 21's instead of Under 23's resulting in an increase for 21 & 22 year olds of over 100% costing an additional £105 for traditional membership. The Club keeps stating that you want to attract a younger fanbase so why take such draconian action against our younger members? 

5. Durham T20 home quarter final

To the dismay of members and supporters Lancashire had to play their recent 'home' T20 fixture away from Old Trafford. You made a late plea to the ECB to try and arrange it at Old Trafford. Why did nobody contact the ECB in November last year when the potential clash of fixtures with the Test Match was known? A number of other Counties successfully moved their fixtures months in advance 

6. Contacting the Club


The telephone answering system has been completely inadequate for members trying to get through to discuss membership issues for a number of years. A recent example of this was the farce of people not knowing whether their coach seat had been reserved or not for the T20 game up to the very day of the game meaning members had to give up a potential seat. Why do you not replace this system with actual human beings as other counties do. 

Nottinghamshire for example now have a larger membership than Lancashire but a friendly human voice always answers the phone during office hours. On top of this many members have not had emails answered.

7. Test Match issues.

 There were a number of incidents of crowd trouble at the recent Ashes Test match and a number of fans left early because of trouble around the ground. The extra Stewards brought in for big games have for years been inadequately trained and last weeks game had a number of incidents of racist, homophobic & foul chants with the stewards ignoring it even when numerous complaints were made. There were also large queues for the toilets, food and drink stands unlike other grounds.If you are going to put up a large temporary stand then surely you should ensure there is proper infrastructure in place. 

8. Rewards Programme

Members of the LCCC rewards programme are being sent numerous emails encouraging members to gamble with betting companies. With problem gambling being a major issue in the country surely there are better ways of raising money? 

9. The Members Representative Group

Presumably the Members Representative Group (MRG) have not yet met this season (there are no minutes on the website since April 1st). A number of ex-members of the MRG have stated that they have wasted their own valuable time serving on the committee as the Club seem paranoid about letting them actually achieve anything. Surely it is time for the Club to disband it or at least allow members to vote on who actually sits on the group rather than the Nominations Committee (itself chosen by the Board) vetting candidates which has also resulted in a relative of a member of the Board sitting on it since its inception. 

10. The Director of Cricket Appointment

The Director of Cricket was appointed without interview by the Board which he sat on at the time. Who on the Board (apart from Paul Allott himself) made such an important cricketing decision as the Action Group were told 5 years ago that Allott was the only member of the Board involved in making cricketing decisions and unlike the vast majority of other Clubs Directors of Cricket has no coaching experience. 

11. The 100 ball coaching staff

 Why have head coach Glen Chapple and assistant coach Mark Chilton been given roles in next years Manchester based franchise Manchester Originals. Surely there important roles in coaching Lancashire should not be compromised in anyway, however lucrative these additional jobs are. 

12. Forum minutes

Forum minutes are no longer produced. Is this meeting being minuted as per requests made to the MRG last year? Members have found them very useful to look back on in the past indeed promises were made in 2016 that a new museum was being built that winter.... 

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