Join our campaign to allow members on the Board

One of the most controversial decisions made by the Club over the last few years has been to remove the democratic process of who can stand for its Board. The Board, In their wisdom, decided to create a Nominations Committee which selects Board Members in effect taking the vote away from the Club's membership.

Members surely should have the right to vote for who stands for the Board?

One of the advantages of a Members Club is to have a say in who runs the Club ensuring that Members interests are paramount. Over the last few years this right has been taken away by a Board that has shown very little interest in to what is happening on the pitch and removed many members benefits off it. They have nominated only the exact number of positions available for re-election ensuring that whoever has been put forward has already been approved for a position on the Board. It has become a closed shop and Members can do nothing about who represents them.

Thousands of Members have now left the Club.

Over 8,500 members have left the Club since the turn of the Century many due to decisions made by the Board. That is over 60% of its membership - a staggering amount. After the ground was redeveloped in 2012 members found many of their facilities had been destroyed and voted with their feet. If supporters  of the Club had been represented properly on the Board then this awful situation would not have been allowed to happen.

Members facilities removed and interests ignored.

Examples include - not allowing traditional members an elevated view from its own Pavilion, destroying the Clubs museum and library, ladies stand destroyed, catering facilities removed, members bars removed. Recent years has seen the Club organising Concerts at the same time as important Club knockout ties, allowed its own Board member Paul Allott, without an interview, to become cricket director despite no coaching experience. In 2019 the Board controversially turned its back on Lancashire grounds and selected Sedbergh School in Cumbria for a 'home' Championship match despite very little infrastructure. 

Join our campaign and ensure Members & supporters are represented.

Please support our campaign to allow members to elect Board members.  Any supporter can contact us below. For 2021 we urge Lancashire Cricket Club to allow two additional members to be democratically elected to the Board by member ballot in a transparent and independent way without reference to the nominations committee.  The members are surely entitled to choose who should represent them and act on their behalf.  You can make a difference. We recently successfully campaigned for the removal of Sedbergh School as a Championship venue after contacting the Club with the necessary numbers to force a Special General Meeting.