Oppose the 100 and support county cricket

Ian Lomax of the Lancashire Action Group was invited to join the campaign to 'Oppose the 100' by James Buttler in July 2019 who had started a twitter account of the same name. Along with fellow passionate cricket fans Annie Chave  and Nigel Richards the five quickly decided than rather than just moan about The Hundred, it is after all going to happen, we needed to promote our beloved game and the 18-county structure. 

Polo and T-Shirts produced.

To publicise the campaign we produced 'Love cricket - Oppose the 100' shirts in August and these have proved to be extremely popular. With the ECB's chiefs being interviewed by a select committee at Westminster campaigners were seen wearing them on the front row creating a flood of sales! The Lancashire Action Group exclusively sell the shirts and they are available on our shopping page at

County Cricket Matters magazine produced

An editorial team of James, Ian, Annie  and Nigel were then formed and decided to get together a number of experienced writers to produce a magazine that 'celebrates county cricket.'  The Lancashire Action Group team, with the experience of producing the only fanzine in county cricket, agreed to put a publication together and in December 2019 released 'County Cricket Matters'. With acclaimed writers including James Buttler, Dan Whiting, Roy Cavanagh MBE, Annie Chave, Sir Fred Boycott, a sketch and poem from Dr Dan Diaper and even a superb cryptic crossword a magazine was born! To order a hardcopy please visit 

Digital copy now available!

 The Lancashire Action Group  have now produced a digital copy and it is available from here -

Any profits from the sales of shirts and the magazine will be donated to the charity - 'Cricket Without Boundaries' and we have already donated £300 to them.