action group achievements & Goals


Notable Achievements

Return of the library. 

We successfully campaigned for a new library (albeit a smaller version of the older one) to replace the one that the Club demolished in 2012.

Reduction in real-term Membership costs. 

The very first issue of our fanzine 'Not the Spin' in 2018 highlighted the fact that Lancashire's traditional members fees were the highest across all 18 counties. Later that season the Club announced that all T20 games played from 2019 (apart from the Yorkshire fixture) would be included in a traditional membership package.

See through sightscreens installed in Pavilion.

When the pitch was turned round 90 degrees after the ground (sorry stadium) was rebuilt in 2012 the Board decided to put up some of the biggest sightscreens in world cricket that blocked the view of members inside the pavilion and with access to the balconies now restricted to premium memberships & corporate guests Old Trafford became the only ground in world cricket where members could not get a decent view of the cricket. After 5 years of campaigning for see through screens (such as they have at Lords & Trent Bridge) the Club finally installed them in 2019.

Improvement of disabled facilities.

The disabled facilities were inadequate after the ground reopened in 2012 and fell well short of recommendations made by Sport England and the Level Playing Fields Charity. After we spoke to Level Playing fields in 2014 they liaised with the Club to ensure that they improved facilities and adhered to the Equality Act of 2010. Improvements included stopping the removal of seats and parking during International matches, more disabled spaces made available, improving the disabled toilets in the pavilion and ensuring stewards and ticket office staff are aware of all disabled facilities. 

Improving members' facilities in the old Red Rose Suite & Pavilion.

After submitting the results of our survey in a facilities improvements dossier handed to Chief Executive Daniel Gidney in 2014 within weeks the Club put up new tv monitors and historical artefacts and pictures around the two members facilities. By 2015 more memorabilia was added in the pavilion, wifi was made available and the disgraceful unreadable honours board was replaced by one you could actually read.

Allowing outfield access to spectators during intervals.

For many years Lancashire had stopped outfield access during lunch & tea intervals. Within a couple of weeks of our submitted survey at the end of 2014 spectators have once again been allowed access to the playing area.

Finding/replacing the missing Championship Pennant of 2011

Lancashire have only won the Championship once outright since 1934 so you think that the Club would look after the Championship Pennant. For a number of years we have asked for the whereabouts of it only to be ignored repeatedly until the Club finally relented and decided to try and design a new one in 2018. Hilariously a Club official then 'accidentally found it' in a dusty cupboard in the bowels of Old Trafford but low and behold it was damaged. Apparently it is now to be repaired and then displayed accordingly. We are still holding our breath. Maybe the Club could put it up in 2021 as part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations....

Goals for the future

The return of a stand alone museum.

One of the major issues members & supporters have had with the Board was the disgraceful demolition of the much loved museum when the ground was 'redeveloped'. We have heard from Club officials that some historic artefacts have been thrown away and others damaged (Championship Pennant is one) as they are being stored inadequately at the Club. Despite a number of repeated assurances that a museum was about to be built several years ago we still eagerly await its reappearance and will not relent in putting pressure on the Board until it is finally replaced.

Two Championship fixtures & two National League fixtures to be played at outgrounds within the historic Lancashire boundaries.

Old Trafford is a grey dismal place to hold County & National League fixtures. More use should be made of the outground venues and to add on the proviso that they are actually played in Lancashire now has to be included after the ludicrous decision in 2019  to play a home game in the Yorkshire Dales in Cumbria with very little infrastructure.

A return of an elevated view in the Pavilion for all members.

The outrageous decision to ban traditional members from all 3 balconies when the pavilion reopened in 2012 should be overturned. Lords & the Oval are among many other grounds who allow all members access to pavilion balconies. This mercenary action taken by the Board is just one of the reasons why the Club has lost over 8,000 members in under 20 years.

The return of life membership.

Of course people live longer these days but to abolish this form of membership completely should be reversed.

Help the historic outgrounds.

Assist Blackpool & Southport to ensure they continue to host 1st team games in the future.

Abolish the Board-appointed Nominations Committee.

It is totally undemocratic for the Board to stop members and supporters standing for election to the Board. Let the members decide who they can vote for!

Abolish the Members Representative Group.

Elected not by the members who they are supposed to represent but by the Club, this toothless group, who even include a relative of a Board member, have no independence whatsoever.

Reform a democratic members' committee.

As successfully run by other major counties, a members' committee would act as a conduit between the membership and the Club.

Support a campaign to abolish the new 100-ball franchise.

We will be liaising with other organisations who will be actively campaigning against this abhorrent franchise competition. 95% of members don't want it and neither do we!

Reintroduce overseas reciprocals.

Another benefit of being a Lancashire member that was taken away by the Board. 

Include Yorkshire T20 game in traditional membership.

Both Lancashire & Yorkshire charge £240 for traditional membership but Yorkshire members get it free. You never know make it part of the membership again and you might get some new members. Now there's a thought! 

Allow Members Forums to be allowed to discuss Members issues and produce minutes. 

Last year the Board announced that only 'cricket issues' could be brought up at a members forum. This is a whitewash and if a member has a problem with fees, ticketing etc he should be heard in front of other members. There has also been so many idle promises made over the last few years by members of the Board at members forums that they should be made accountable. Produce the minutes so that they can be made accountable!