welcome to the lancashire action group

welcome to the lancashire action group

welcome to the lancashire action group welcome to the lancashire action group welcome to the lancashire action group

We have been standing up for the rights of members and supporters since 2014.


Did you know Lancashire have lost 8,500 members since the turn of the century?

Lancashire is still a members club and is run by a Board that has treated its members with contempt for a number of years.  When the ground re-opened the Board, in their infinite wisdom, banned all traditional members from the pavilion balconies and installed one of the biggest sightscreens in world cricket across the ground floor resulting in Old Trafford probably being the only pavilion in world cricket where traditional members struggle to view the cricket.  This is one of the many reasons why members and supporters have left the Club in their thousands.

In 2014 a small bunch of hardy supporters, disgusted with the way the Club treated members and supporters,  formed an Action Group and met with senior Club officials. After completing our own survey around the ground and collecting hundreds of signatures we successfully campaigned for a number of facility changes.   

2018 Lancashire fanzine 'Not the Spin' produced

In April 2018 we produced the first of three critically acclaimed fanzines which went on sale throughout the season.  Buoyed by the initial success of Not the Spin we recruited additional writers in 2019 including respected journalists ex-Guardian cricket correspondent Paul Fitzpatrick, Stuart Brodkin (Daily Express) and Roy Cavanagh MBE.  The fanzine has proven to be very popular both with home and away fans with our readership now growing to over 5,000.  In 2020 we will again release 3 issues and the publication has now grown to a 36 page issue.

Most expensive Adult county membership in the Country

Despite the loss of so many facilities the cost of a Lancashire membership in 2018 was the most expensive in County Cricket proving even higher than the London clubs Middlesex & Surrey. Yet more proof of the Board trying to eek every single penny out of the Clubs rapidly reducing membership. After we highlighted this issue the Club have now included T20 games with most memberships for 2019 (apart from the Yorkshire game). Despite this offer Lancashire's membership is still one of the highest in the country.

A ground rebuilt for concerts and International cricket

After Old Trafford, after years of neglect, was re-opened in 2012 to the dismay of thousands of members who realised that many of their facilities had disappeared. The library, museum and several members stands had been destroyed. Despite being a 'new ground' the esteemed journalist Alan Lee of the Cricketer was scathing of the re-developed ground and rated the Old Trafford 'stadium' 17th out of the 18 county grounds he visited in 2014.